FREE coupons sent by SNAIL MAIL! Save your ink!

Save some money spent on ink cartilages and sign up for these sites to select coupons and have them “snail mailed” to you.

Make sure you check these sites regularly  to benefit fully from the deals because they post new coupons almost everyday.

Yesterday I ordered 5 coupons and today I ordered 15 coupons for the brand I always buy. There were a ton more to be had but when trying to save money it’s best to just get the coupons for the things you would actually use vs. buying things with a coupon just to save a dollar. You don’t save anything if it just sits around and collects dust.

Anyways enough rambling check out the sites below click on the [dot] URL [dot]  or the photo to view the pages. I live in Canada so when signing up some of the sites may not offer coupons in your country. You wont know until you try!

My three favorites are:

  • 1st up:
    www [dot] brandsaver [dot] ca
    A ton of coupons on this website with popular brands.
  • 2nd :
    www[dot] websaver [dot]ca
    A number of coupons usually 10-20  every other day.
  • 3rd:
    www [dot] save [dot] ca
    save ca

    Not many coupons on this one daily, but they do add new ones every other day.

  • 4th: www [dot] [dot] com
    About 10+ coupons daily new ones added regularly.

    If anyone had any website to add to the list of sites that snailmail your coupons leave a comment below.


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